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We at HyFn Games provide opportunities to the newbies to make their career as game developers. With this aim, we are extremely proud to announce our training program where we will provide game development training to interested trainees. The trainees will be provided training of the world’s leading cross-platform game engine – Unity 3D.

Skilled operation of Unity requires in-depth knowledge of various aspects of the game engine, which includes various fields such as level designing, animators, UI, programming and many more. All the fields are quite diverse and are only loosely related to each other. But a game developer must know and understand all the stated fields and more in order to create a commercially acceptable game.

With this training program, our aim is to create game developers to fill the void in the fast expanding game development industry. We want to equip the trainees with correct tools so that they can put their best foot forward in the field of game development.

We have experienced trainers who impart practical knowledge and prepare the young candidates to face the challenges of gaming industry. With live project based training, candidates who understand the practical application of concepts are readily hired by the gaming industry.

“Game Development Industry is larger in terms of revenue generated as compared to Hollywood”


Course Description

HyFn Games aims to introduce the upcoming developers to the field of Video game development. With this program, we want to create and nurture the next generation so that they are ready for futuristic and ever expanding field of Video game development. The summer training of 6 weeks duration for graduates and under-graduates to provide hands on training of Unity 3D game engine.

What will you learn?

  • During this training, the trainees will be provided with thorough knowledge of Unity and C#.
  • The complete training will be provided practically and the trainees will learn step by step while creating different 3-D games with the trainer.
  • The trainees will then be required to create a project of their own choosing while being assisted by developers of HyFn Games.

What will you get?

  • Each trainee will be provided with a certificate of participation.
  • Furthermore, certificate of excellence would be provided to few trainees based on the continuous evaluation by the trainers. (No examination of any sort will be conducted)
  • Each trainee will be provided with learning material to help them retain the knowledge.

Training Plan

Course Outline

1 Introduction to Game Development
2 Introduction to Unity
3 Basics of Computer Graphics
4 Level Designing
5 Adding characters to the game
6 Introduction to programming in C#
7 Unity Engine namespace and some of its classes
8 Game Physics
9 Adding custom characters to the game
10 Game play Control
11 User Interface
12 Porting games to different platforms
13 Project Work

Fee and Duration

Duration 40-45 days
Hours 3 hours a day
Fee 10,000/-

Contact Details

Register here: +91-9958002334